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KraniumHR can do

Employee Data Management

What does Kranium bring to your organisation?

01. The best of HR practices

Enables employees to appreciate the organisation better; helps recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction.

02. Business oriented HR
Kranium has developed the practice of HR being actively supporting business than being passive , back-office entity.
03. Plug and play model

Where the business managers do not need to spend time on the HR processes. The HR processes can be put in place in a very short time.

04. Board level consulting
On people related matters
05. No Management Time lost
Management can spend time on the core business than on non-core activities.
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Why should Kranium manage your HR?


Organisations need to pay for only what is needed at present. As the organisation grows , additional services and expertise can be taken.


Ensures that the client organisation is ahead of the curve regarding adoption of technology to manage HR.


From a panel of HR professionals – All kind of HR issues can be resolved through the expertise of HR professionals in Kranium’s panel.


HR processes which otherwise gets lost when an individual HR leaves.

Some brands we had the pleasure to work with

How Kranium will benefit your organisation?

01. Cost-Effectiveness
For small and medium-sized businesses, hiring a full-time HR team might be costly. Kranium can offer cost-effective solutions as we often work on a contract or project basis, allowing the organization to access professional HR services without the burden of maintaining a permanent HR department.
02. Focus on Core Business Activities
Outsourcing HR functions to Kranium allows the organization’s management and employees to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives, rather than getting bogged down by administrative HR tasks.
03. Compliance and Risk Management
Kranium stays updated with ever-changing employment laws and regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance for the organization. Kranium can help ensure that HR practices align with legal requirements and industry standards.
Technobind in its start-up journey had sort of overlooked the HR aspect of the organisation having been consumed with the rapid growth targets that we had set ourselves. Jayaraj coming on board in a consulting role in our HR function has helped us enormously. Right from setting up processes to implementing a Performance Management system – his contribution has helped us significantly as we see in this initial few months of working together. While it is still initial steps, I am sure Jayaraj coming in will be able to make HR a very strategic asset at Technobind.
Prashanth G J
Technobind Solutions Pvt Limited
Kranium was involved in setting up our HR policies, processes, performance Management System and its related documentations. They did a great job at this. It is interesting to note that, while drafting the Performance Management Systems we got better insights into our business plan which enabled us to improve on the plans. Presently Kranium is involved in managing our HR on a day to day basis and we intend to use their services in getting into the next level of employee engagements. We definitely recommend their services to any organisations looking to professionals.”
Vivek Halbe
Srshti Group


Scope of work:
  • Strategic HR
  • Ownership of processes
  • Interaction with Owner/ management in setting HR direction
  • Interaction with Team Leads for recruitment , exit , other activities
Scope of work:
  • Sourcing of candidates – both through internal references, Job posting and through consultants
  • Background Verification
  • Screening of candidates
  • Interview scheduling with Hiring Managers
  • Search/ Head Hunting through Kranium
  • Offer negotiation and approvals
  • Offer release
Scope of work:
  • Joining Formalities; Induction presentation regarding org ; HR etc
  • Data Management
Scope of work:
  • Help desk management – SPOC for all HR related queries
Scope of work:
  • Ensuring compliance of employees with HR policies
  • Employee communications
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Celebrations ; outings
Scope of work:
  • Leave and attendance management
Scope of work:
  • Payroll processing leading to giving the payroll sheet to Accounts
  • Manage Queries related to Payroll and Taxation
Scope of work:
  • Coordination for Statutory Compliance- PF, PT, ESI
Scope of work:
  • Timely appraisal in existing format
Scope of work:
  • F&F
  • Timely appraisal in existing forma
Scope of work:
  • Insurance, Vendor management , IT Asset Management