Why Do We Need The Outsourced HR?

Is Outsourced HR for You?

Whether you’re a small or large employer, if you have employees then you have a duty to ensure you comply with employment law, unsurprisingly, many of you are not fully aware of your obligations in this area.

Employment law is complex and in the main perceived by you as an employer as giving employee’s rights that prevent you from being able to run your business as you wish. I have had many conversations with employers who want to dismiss an employee because they have failed to perform to the standard expected, don’t turn up for work, have high levels of absence, have a bad attitude and the list goes on. The key here is to manage employees effectively, which will save you time and money in the long run, therefore reducing the occasions where you just want to ‘sack’ that employee because you’ve had enough.

Whether you have an HR function in place or not there are benefits of outsourcing your HR either as a complete function or as and when required, these are:

Reduced Costs

Some examples of reduced costs using an outsourced HR consultant include no associated employee costs such as holiday pay, sick pay, national insurance & pension costs and no time involved in managing employee issues, time off, absence, dealing with performance issues.

Increased Efficiency

Time efficiency, this allows you to free up key employees such as your HR or line managers so they can focus on other aspects of the business whilst an outsourced HR consultant manages HR issues such as investigations, auditing HR documentation, HR project management or identifying areas that are inefficient; whatever the purpose you would use them for, the overall benefit will be to provide a cost effective solution to suit your business.

Independent & Objective Case Management – Disciplinary & Grievance Hearings

An external HR Consultant will have had significant exposure to many discipline & grievance cases which will have required an investigation and they will know exactly how to conduct such this to enable you to confidently know that the process has been completed fairly, objectively and as such you will have been deemed to have acted reasonably in the circumstances.

Skills & Experience -Wider Exposure to HR Issues

A true HR Consultant will have experience and exposure within a wide range of industries and HR issues, and so will know the most cost & time effective way in which to manage issues that you are faced with along with being able to incorporate best practice and deliver a solution that is commercially focused.

Additional Support & Reassurance

It’s reassuring to know that you can contact your outsourced HR Consultant to double check what you are about to do is correct & for you or your internal HR employee to use the knowledge learnt and apply this confidently in the future.

Source: Jude Read-HR Consultancy