Here’s what Kranium can do for you:
HR Business Partner: We’ll act as an extension of your team, managing policies, processes, performance, and people.

Forward-Thinking Approach: We’re proactive in identifying areas for improvement and implementing best practices.

Cost-Effective: Our services are a better investment than hiring full-time HR staff.

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What We Offer:
Policies: We’ll set up the right people management practices and audit existing policies to ensure they meet your current and future needs.

Processes: Get efficient processes in place, whether automated, manual, or a hybrid model, to eliminate redundancy and improve services.

Performance: We’ll help you improve business results with a comprehensive performance management system, including reporting and team performance management suggestions.

People: We deploy the right HR resources with varying experience and expertise to manage your HR services.

Our Proven AIMx Approach:
Assess: We’ll conduct a professional audit of your current HR practices, identify areas for improvement, and design HR policies based on your specific needs.

Implement: We’ll automate manual processes, implement agreed-upon policies, and support your team through the transition.

Manage: We’ll provide a single point of contact for HR services, proactive monitoring, and employee engagement, optimizing HR services for business impact.

eXceed: We’ll link individual targets to overall business goals, offer continuous performance feedback and rewards management, and provide advisory and coaching services to people managers.

Benefits of Total HR:

  • An HR professional with 10+ years of experience dedicated to your HR needs.
  • Physical presence depending on your organization’s size and requirements.
  • HR technology to streamline your HR processes.
  • Unmatched experience and expertise from a team that has tackled various HR challenges across different industries.
  • Scalability: Start small and grow your HR department as your organization expands.
  • Modularity: Choose the specific HR modules you need right now.
  • Constant reports, dashboards, and interaction to effectively manage your HR.

How We Implement Total HR:

  • Setting Up Your HR Practice:
    • We’ll develop a comprehensive Employee
    • Handbook outlining HR policies and procedures.
    • We’ll define clear HR processes aligned with your policies.
    • We’ll automate key HR functions using suitable HRMS software.
  • Kranium Manages Your HR:
    • We’ll handle all aspects of recruitment, onboarding, data management, payroll, and exit processes.
    • We’ll ensure employee compliance with HR policies and manage employee engagement programs.
    • We’ll take care of leave and attendance management, payroll processing, and statutory compliance.
    • We’ll conduct timely appraisals and manage employee separations.

Why Choose Total HR Over Internal HR?

  • Immediate Productivity: Our team is ready to hit the ground running from day one.
  • All-Round Expertise: We offer a wider range of expertise than a single HR professional.
  • Scalability: Easily adjust your HR support as your needs evolve.
  • Technology Integration: HR technology is an integral part of our services.
  • Continuity: We ensure process and knowledge continuity even with staff changes.
  • Transparency: Our services are free from conflicts of interest.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: We offer a high return on investment.