Raising the Morale of Employees

Employees are very crucial  for  any business. But it is often difficult to find employees who are not only qualified and hardworking, but are also ready to go the extra mile for organizational success. To keep the employee productive, it is essential to keep the  morale  high – which is only possible when they are happy to work with the employer. For better productivity, it is essential to have employees motivated.

Employee motivation is usually connected with better pay-packages, incentives and other perks. However, in a tough economy when many companies are downsizing, things can be more challenging in terms of keeping your people’s spirits up. And to turn around things, it is even more important to ensure that your people’s morale is high than ever. The following tips will help you to raise the morale of the employees, without creating a hole in your pocket.

Fostering team environment: Emphasize on the importance of working as a team for a common organizational goal, making each team member feeling valued. In a work environment with too much competition, employees are more likely to end up sabotaging each other, instead of furthering the company’s goals.

Emphasize on the positive: This is critical in challenging times such as downsizing. The morale of your employees is usually low if the company is downsizing. Thus, it is essential to help them to refocus at the positive side of the changing things. Also, explain how such changes will allow the company to become flexible as well as more successful. If necessary, cite examples of the past when the company survived similar crisis. Emphasizing on the positive traits will allow your employees to look towards the future.

Recognize individual achievements: Along with fostering team environment, it is essential to acknowledge individual efforts. Recognizing or praising employees doing exceptionally well at work will reinforce positive behavior. This, in turn, will help your employees feel valued. Recognizing individual efforts does not always involve incentives, promotions and salary-hikes. A simple thank-you note or announcement at a staff meeting can help you go a long way, when it comes to acknowledging individual efforts.

Stay in touch with your people: Staff meetings on a regular basis can help you stay up to date about the goings-on in your office. To feel the work environment simply take a walk around and stop by some of your employees’ cubicle for a quick chit chat. It helps to let your employees know that you are with them, which in turn, will boost their morale exponentially. Besides, staying in touch with your people will make you more of an approachable person and less of an intimidating manager.

Celebrating special occasions: Celebrating momentous events and special occasions makes your people happy. Don’t wait for celebration until the company reach or surpass the annual goal or gets an award; rather organize small parties for your people whenever good things happen because of the team’s effort. Celebrating someone’s birthday at office with a simple card and cake will not only break up the work week’s monotony, but will also show that you care for the employees.

Be creative when it comes to boost the morale of your employees. Simple things like having a casual day at work or giving pleasant surprises to your employees can go a long way.