New Trends in HR

One of the most important factors that draws the line of difference between a successful corporate entity and another such organization where the flow of activities isn’t smooth, is the role played by the human resource (or HR) department. To be precise, the responsibilities shouldered by the HR team have evolved, as the corporate sector became a more competitive ground. Gone are the days when human resource executives were hired by agencies to recruit employees and maintain their work records. That was done when we were still far away from the current concept of ‘corporate competition’. Now the HR department is one of primary forces, which guides an organization to move ahead and steadily scale newer heights. An HR manager is more of a performance manager, and he strives towards ensuring his team is able to establish a strong relationship between the company and its employees.

Just half a decade back business organizations were keen on reducing the amount of funds they spent on human resource development. However, this judgment proved fatal, and was kept aside by most corporate bodies. These organizations understood the necessity of an efficient human resource team.

Now let’s quickly discuss 3 new trends in HR, which the corporate sector is sure to adopt as we move through 2012.

Revamping the positive image of the human resource department

This year and henceforth, the corporate sector will witness a change in business management policy, as far as the human resource development is concerned. Following the years of cost-cuts on improving the human resource department, big and powerful organizations will now try their best to find and recruit qualified HR managers, executives, and eventually do all that is required to bring back the positive image of the human resource department. Don’t be surprised if you find the management is ready to offer more perks and generous benefits, in a desperate bid to strengthen the HR department.

Embracing digital revolution to make HR automation a reality

Business organizations will now focus on improving their digital capabilities, as they move towards an age of HR automation. Besides recruiting dynamic human resource executives, companies will now try to equip these agents with the power of digital media, so as to ensure they are able to manage employee performance on an optimum level. Orthodox methods will make way for flexible set-ups, where the HR department will try to ensure that each employee is getting enough space to perform at his best.

Human resource metrics to be used more often to study performance

As mentioned above, the role of the human resource team has simply gone beyond the basics of recruitment and employee management. HR executives are now getting into the shoes of strategic performance managers. New metrics and practices are being adopted by them to study how an employee is performing. Analytical tools are being deployed to redress employee grievances and ensure work production is at the optimum level, even during the off seasons.