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Kranium – Your HR Business Partner

HR Business Partner is a unique proposition in which Kranium HR Services sets up and manages a part or the complete HR function in an organization.

HR Business Partner is a combination of Outsourcing, In-sourcing and Consulting, where the onus of management of HR lies with the service provider. Kranium’s responsibility does not end with providing HR services, rather our continuous engagement and feedback ensures you have the best HR practices in place. In short, Kranium will manage the Policies, Processes, Performance and People for you .

HR Business Partner is forward thinking, proactive and a better investment.

By opting for a Managed HR Service the organization gets :

  • The best of HR practices at a better cost.
  • A plug and play model where the Business Owners do not need to spend time on the HR processes.
  • Expertise from a panel of HR professionals
  • Exposure to technology
  • Board level consulting on HR related matters
  • Continuity in the HR processes which otherwise gets lost when an individual HR leaves.
  • Time to spend on the core business than on non-core activities.
  • Kranium HR Services Pvt Limited is uniquely positioned with a very good understanding of the Human Resources, Domain and accessibility to cutting edge Technology.
  • Kranium has expert consultants on-board to advice on matters within Human Resources.
  • Kranium has the infrastructure and resources to deliver as per requirement.
  • Kranium has a deep understanding about how businesses are run and in turn is better equipped to partner with organisations.

As HR Business Partner, Kranium will be responsible for:


  • Kranium will you set up the right people management practices for organisations. we also support in auditing existing policies to meet the current and future business needs.


  • Get robust processes in place quickly for your organisation , that are automated, manual, or a hybrid model, designed to eliminate redundancy and improve services.


  • Improve your business results with a comprehensive performance management system. From reporting advice to team performance management suggestions; how to leverage KPIs to build a high performing team.


  • We deploy the right resources – varying in experience and expertise – to manage client’s HR services. Clients benefits from variable capacity and reduced management time spent on planning and processes.

AIMx - Proven approach to managed HR services

– Professional Audit of Current HR practices
– Identify Areas to improve performance , streamline operations and reduce cost
– Design HR policy based on your needs
– Automate manual process, enabling time & cost reduction
– Implement the agreed-to policies and process
– Support Senior Management & Employees through the transition process , enabling easier adoption and results
– Provide single point of contact for HR services
– Proactive monitoring and employee engagement
– Optimize HR services for business impact
– Link individual target to overall business goals
– Continuous performance feedback and rewards management
– Advisory and coaching services to people managers


  • Madhuri Hegde

    Jayaraj has been a great pleasure to work with. His clarity and expertise in functions of Performance Management and Goal setting have immensely helped Mayflower Language Services develop a structure aimed at efficiency and effectiveness. His approach was extremely practical, thus enabling us to foresee our end result exactly. We would highly recommend consulting with Jayaraj on matters of Business structuring and goal setting

  • Aanand V M

    Thanks for a great job on our Employee Handbook and the Appraisal system. “The team from Kranium has brought about a world of difference within our firm , their personal attention and attitude ?are commendable.

    Anand & Associates
  • Vivek Halbe

    Kranium was involved in setting up our HR policies, processes, performance Management System and its related documentations. They did a great job at this. It is interesting to note that, while drafting the Performance Management Systems we got better insights into our business plan which enabled us to improve on the plans. Presently Kranium is involved in managing our HR on a day to day basis and we intend to use their services in getting into the next level of employee engagements. We definitely recommend their services to any organisations looking to professionalise. We Wish Kranium a great future.

    Srshti Consultants
  • Kurian Abraham

    One good thing about Kranium is that they deliver what they promise. No tall claims like many others in the industry. We are happy that Kranium professionals are promptly executing part of our HR work assigned to them to our satisfaction. It will be better if they diversify their activities and take on more responsible management functions so that they can help new, especially small organisations, scale new heights. We wish them the very best in their new ambitious initiatives.

    Dhanam Publications Pvt Limited.

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