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Design and conduct proper appraisals
I am Jayaraj Menon, the Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Kranium HR Services Pvt Limited. I have been in the HR consulting field for nearly 20 years, helping more than a hundred corporate organisations from various industries to optimise their Human Resources. My team and I at Kranium provide comprehensive HR management services to our clients, such as setting up and managing their HR departments, defining and articulating HR Policies, designing and implementing Performance Management Systems, and more.
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01. Design and conduct proper appraisals

Every business owner wants their team to deliver more value – that is what drives growth. Measuring employee performance through a scientifically designed Appraisal process is essential to achieve this.

Management Solution includes an Appraisal module to help you evaluate employee performance objectively with well-defined parameters and metrics. It helps you clearly identify employee strengths and weaknesses, and chart out an actionable performance improvement program. It also enables you to develop focused strategies to make poor performers improve, and to reward and motivate those who excel. Ultimately, what you get is a measurable system of continuous improvement.

02. Manage your HR completely
I can take the HR burden off your shoulders completely. I will study your company, design the most appropriate system for you, recommend and provide the necessary software tools, set up and implement the solution, train your people to use it, and manage it completely as well. From recruitment and payroll management to performance appraisal and employee engagement, and everything in between, I will keep your HR functioning productively and efficiently, thereby making a significant impact on your bottom line.

03. Setup HR policies and processes

Anything that is systematically organised will function more efficiently, and establishing properly articulated HR policies and processes is a necessary first step to get the most out of your people. It enables you to take HR related decisions correctly and fairly. It helps you communicate better with your employees and set expectations clearly. It enables you to allocate resources more efficiently towards people management. Importantly, it ensures that your company stays in compliance with the applicable labour laws.

04. Advice on statutory compliances

Labour laws can be a minefield to negotiate. I have the expertise to advise you on all legal aspects with regards to labour and people management, what your obligations are as an employer, what deductions you need to make, what reports you need to file, and more.
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Jayaraj has been a valued partner for True Influence for many years. Through this time I’ve found him to be very professional and reliable with a deep understanding of HR in India. Thank you Jayaraj for your service.
Brian Giese
True Influence India Pvt Limited
Thanks for a great job on our Employee Handbook and the Appraisal system. “The team from Kranium has brought about a world of difference within our firm , their personal attention and attitude are commendable.
Anand V
Anand & Associates
Jayaraj has been a great pleasure to work with. His clarity and expertise in functions of Performance and Goal setting have immensely helped us develop a structure aimed at efficiency and effectiveness.
Madhuri Hegde
Mayflower Language Services