Client Servicing – Assistant Manager


Bangalore, India


2 Years


  • Overall responsibility of getting briefs and delivering work with- in the designated time for the designated account
  • Manage the day to day requirements of the client
  • Get the brief
  • Understand the details of the brief
  • Handle the day to day operations once the brand planning is over
  • Billing and tracking
  • Maintaining records of work done for the client
  • Maintaining records of competition and industry in general
  • Writing briefs for creative and media
  • Presentation of creative’s to the client
  • Production coordination
  • Brand product research – understanding the place of the brand in the market and with customers
  • Ensuring that the internal and external deadlines are met
  • Responsible for maintaining revenue from the client
  • Fulfilling marketing objectives of the client
  • Manage the client’s A&P budget
  • Responsible for ensuring on time payment from the client