Aligning Employees to Business Objectives

Purpose: To create a defined organization structure and a growth path for the employees

Client: Client 1 is a leading player in the education space with close to 200 employees. They design interactive tools for the children to enable them understand better. They interact with over 3000 schools and 3.5 lac students across the country.

Why Kranium was called:

  1. Map out an organigram based on the current employee strength
  2. Create a growth path for the employees
  3. Devise and manage an Appraisal process for the employees
  4. Ensure that the employees are assigned the job related to their skills

Our Methodology:

  • Firstly, Kranium interacted with the Leadership Team to understand the business in detail and the various departments in the organisations that work towards getting to the goals in business.
  • Kranium then identified the unique roles existing in the organisation and the roles that would be required to meet the growth demands. The existing employees were then mapped on the basis of age, role, experience and level in the organisation. Grades and Levels were then introduced to give a defined growth path to the organisation.
  • Kranium then interacted with the leadership to understand the expectations from the Team Leaders reporting to him. Each Team Leader role was assessed in detail in terms of the roles they do and the expectations from them on delivery. Key Performance Indicators of each of the Team Leader were derived based on the deliverable. Then, the competencies that were required to perform each role were listed and the desired level of each competency was tabulated.

The entire exercise was facilitated by Kranium. The sessions were taken as brain storming sessions with the leadership viewing the entire business and their teams with fresh eyes. After the Leadership completed the process with the first line of Managers, the process was then replicated with the teams of the respective managers, down to the last employee.

How it helped the client:

  1. Identified that some of the existing employees are not the right resource for the Role.
  2. A clear and defined organisation structure was created and a growth path for the employees defined.
  3. The exercise enabled the whole team to be aware of the expectations on them.
  4. Was able to identify the areas that required additional learning initiatives.


Kranium completed the assignment to the delightful satisfaction of the client. We helped the organization to stream line their organization structure, performance management system and understanding of the gaps in employee skill sets.